Roof Repair Tips

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The first thing that will come to mind if your roof leaks is how to stop the leaking roof.  While this is a common thought, it should be noted that the first thing that comes to mind should be your safety. If you do not consider your safety first then you may end up in the hospital. Standing on a roof that is covered with snow, ice, or rain could be highly dangerous. It is best to wait until Mother Nature provides you with an opportune time.

Always take your time when you go up onto a roof. Repairing a roof will put your body into various positions that may not be safe or comfortable. Use rubber sole shoes to prevent any slipping or falling. Try not to work on the repair job by yourself but bring along a buddy and always use a harness. As long as it’s not wintertime, you can use a hose to run water on the roof to locate the leak.

The majority of roof leakage problems are because of clogged gutters. A gutter that is clogged will not allow water to drain properly and therefore a simple regular maintenance program of cleaning the gutters will help to avoid future leaks. A roof leakage problem can also result because of dry rot. Dry rot is not a water damage issue but rather a lack of ventilation issue.

You can notice dry rot occurring in a middle of a roof because the roof will actually sag. The sagging of the roof will cause the shingles to become brittle. A brittle shingle can crack which will lead to a leak. To prevent dry rot you will need to install a ridge vent and soffit vent.

There are many other roof repair tips to help prevent a roof from leaking including preventing ice buildup, fixing roof boots, inspecting roofing materials, and checking valleys. Use these roof repair tips to prevent roof leakage problems.

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