When To Hire A Roof Repair Contractor

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More often than not, you may not be aware of the signs that your roof needs repair. By the time you realize that the roof is really damaged, it may be too late and you may need to replace the roof altogether. This can be quite costly not to mention how long it may take to get the whole roof redone.

Thus it is important to know the signs that your roof needs to be repaired. Here are some of the obvious signs.

Broken Shingles.
If you see broken shingles on the roof, then it means that the damage will get worse if not looked at properly. You should get a roof repair service to repair the roof for you. At times, the shingles will not appear broken. They will look curved. This is a clear sign that some repairs are needed.

Leaky Roof.
This is the clearest sign that you need roof repair done as soon as possible. A leaking roof means that some shingles are missing and that water is leaking in. This can be very dangerous as it will cause water damage. If your attic starts to smell damp and appears to have some mold, then you may be looking at leaks in the roof.

If you spot any leaks, check if your shingles feel wet or if they appear dark. This is usually a sign they have become damaged and are letting water in shingles should not trap any moisture during rainy seasons.

Dark Granules In Gutters.
Apart from the usual dirt from leaves or any other debris, the gutters should not have any dark looking granules. This usually means that the shingles are wearing off slowly and being carried away by the rain water. If you have cleaned your gutters but still notice that they have these dark granules, then you will need to call roof repair services soon. Shingles that are wearing off will not last long before they begin to spring leaks.

Gaps Between The Roof And Chimney.
At the place where the roof is attached to the chimney, there should be no spaces. If you notice spaces here, then it means that you need to repair the roof. These gaps can easily cause water to leak on to the house. You should also check if there are any spaces between the roof any pipes.

Light In The Attic.
Unless you have a sunroof, then there should be no light in the attic. If you notice any light, then it means that there are small holes in the roof. You should get these fixed right away.

Moldy Walls Or Ceiling.
Mold usually comes about as a result of moisture being trapped in the ceiling. If there are signs of mold on the walls or ceiling, then it means there is moisture getting in through the roof. You will need to call roof repair services.

Regular roof repair is important and these signs should never be ignored.

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